The post-collusion media World

As the Mueller’s investigation – now in its tenth month – has failed to uncover any evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia the mainstream media are adjusting to the new reality. One way would be to accept that the allegations were wrong and, having been unjustifiably smeared and denigrated, Trump now deserves a fresh start. But this is not how things work is the progressive circles and the media have been desperate to find another stick to hit him with.

Here is a partial list of the kites the media have flown in the last few months:

  1. Trump in a fit of rage wanted to fire Mueller and was only stopped by his aides. The story comes from unnamed sources and both the White House and Trump himself rubbished it multiple times. The verifiable facts are that Mueller has not been fired.
  2. Trump had numerous clashes with Tillerson and was going to fire him. The story re-appeared intermittently over a few months, based on – you guessed it – unnamed sources. The verifiable facts are that Tillerson has not been fired.
  3. Jim Mattis cannot work with Trump. This media beat-up partly stems from the alleged Trump-Tillerson clash. The verifiable facts are that Mattis is still there. 
  4. Another victim of Trump’s anger was supposed be Jeff Sessions. The only question – according to the media – was whether he was going to be fired before or after Tillerson. The verifiable facts are that none has lost his job.
  5. John Kelly was frustrated and offered to resign. This story was based on the usual mix of reports from unnamed sources and pundit speculation. The verifiable facts are that Kelly has not resigned.
  6. Trump clashed with his daughter Ivanka over her statement on Roy Moore. This story was broken by NYT who based it on – cough, cough – unnamed sources in the White House. The verifiable facts are that Trump and Ivanka are both getting go with the job.
  7. Trumps’ marriage was on the rocks following the rumours of Donald’s alleged affairs. The story was based purely on the interpretation of the couple’s travel schedule and was repeatedly rubbished by both Donald and Melania. The verifiable facts are that the Trumps are still together.
  8. Trump was angry with Jarred Kushner, blaming him for the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. This led to media speculations that Kushner’s days were numbered. The verifiable facts are that there are no public signs of strain in their relationship.
  9. Trump is losing it. This storyline included endless media analysis of Trump’s speech patterns, vocabulary, behaviour etc. One particularly hilarious angle was the possibility of Trump ordering a nuclear attack on North Korea in a fit of lunacy. The verifiable facts are that he aced the Montreal cognitive test and, in the words of his physician, “has absolutely no cognitive or mental issues whatsoever”

The Russian collusion story was a reliable milk cow, providing the likes of CNN and NYT with over a year’s worth of eye-grabbing headlines. When Mueller’s report is finally out they will need a new source of click-bait exposure so the dirt digging work continues.




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