Exciting times ahead (2)

Before explaining what else – apart from his golden touch with the economy – impresses me in Donald Trump let me share some details about my youth.

I grew up in Poland before the Iron Curtain fell. One of the most unbearable aspects of living in a totalitarian society was the relentless, intrusive political propaganda. It is hard to explain to someone who only knows free societies how demoralising a daily diet of ever-present state-sponsored lies is. Critical minds like mine suffered an even more cruel torture by not being allowed to challenge the obvious nonsense peddled as the official version of reality.

Having moved to New Zealand I found myself witnessing a creeping imposition of the similar speech code known as political correctness. This time the gag came not from political demagogues but social engineers. It targets those holding opinions not long ago considered mainstream, like that successful societies are based on families, abortion is problematic ethically, western culture is in most ways superior to others etc.

It felt like social Marxists in the West have achieved the level of control over the media and education system which was similar to what I remembered from my youth. Almost all politicians and intellectuals play the PC game and whole fields of social ideas became inadmissible in public life. One knows something is seriously wrong if believing there are only two genders is an act of social disobedience.

Trump’s willingness to call a spade a spade was what won me over during his presidential campaign. At last there was someone willing to publicly say what many law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of the western democracies personally believed to be true. It is hard to describe my delight in seeing the self-important mainstream media go into tailspin, unable to process the succinct, common-sense statements made by a politician they despise.

The last post of this short series will cover the impact Trump is having on global politics.

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