Exciting times ahead (1)

After a year of chaos Trump’s presidency is beginning to take a solid shape. While some of the finer details are still emerging I generally like what I am seeing. In fact I like it a lot.

I will not waste time on the non-event of the public release of Nunes’ memo and go straight to the stuff that matters. Trump has nailed it when it comes to the economy. The share market, jobs and growth figures are all looking great, buoyed by the positive business sentiment. The Left generally acknowledged it but pointed out that the success of the US economy has not led to wage growth. Well, now it has so it’s time even for Trump haters to celebrate.

Strong economic figures were underpinned by first a prospect and then the actuality of Trump’s tax cut. While the debate about its perceived unfairness was confusing my personal views are embarrassingly simple. Money should be spent by those who have earned it so tax cuts are always welcome – the bigger the better. Looks like the economy reacts more in line with my layman’s understanding than the concerns of experts and things hum along just fine. My prediction is for a prolonged period of strong growth accompanied by increasingly positive social sentiment in the US the likes of which have not been seen since Reagan. I also expect that, contrary to what most economists claim, the tax cuts will pay for themselves.

While strong economy is the most tangible sign of Trump’s success I personally take even more delight in another aspect of his presidency. Anyone willing to take a guess which?

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Exciting times ahead (2)


One Response to “Exciting times ahead (1)”

  1. Voytek Klepatski Says:

    He successfully took on the political correctness brigade and stood up to the barrage of attacks and fake news by the media dominated by leftist liberals. He is also the first president in decades who simply cuts through “Gordian knots” rather than letting them paralyze him in the name of so called diplomacy

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