Does Donald Trump lie five times a day?

The Washington Post have painstakingly compiled the public statements made by Donald Trump since the beginning of his presidency and arrived at a startling conclusion that 1628 of them are “false or misleading”. This has been interpreted by other media to mean that Trump has lied habitually over the last ten months – “At least five times a day, on average, this president says something that isn’t true” . In this post I will fact-check the WaPo’s claim. I am fully aware that Donald Trump routinely presents the interpretation of the facts which supports the point he is making. I am not out to prove that no other interpretation of these facts exists but merely to check if Donald Trump indeed lies to the public five and a half times a day.

My job was made easy by the concise and transparent presentation of Trump’s “false or misleading” claims on the WaPo website. The top five statements repeated by the US President multiple times (with slight variations) since he got elected are as follows:screenshot_2017-11-22-12-52-50-717_com-android-chrome-e1511314251287.jpg

Well, many people would agree that Obamacare is a disaster and, if the current President is so keen to dismantle it, I would also consider it as good as dead. This statement is neither false nor misleading. It merely presents the Donald Trump’s view which some will agree with and others will not.


The WaPo’s rationale for counting this statement as false/misleading is bizarre. First, they agree that the claim is factual – meaning the stock market is currently at a record high level. However, during his presidential campaign, Donald Trump said that Obama did not deserve the credit for the stellar performance of the stock market during his term. To me the current claim by the President Donald Trump remains correct on the strength of the supporting facts, regardless of how the presidential candidate Donald Trump viewed Obama’s impact on the US economy in 2016. Nothing false or misleading here.


I am sure there are companies moving into the US and that some of them are indeed moving back. Unless someone is forcing them they do it because they want to be there. If there are polls showing record high business confidence levels the whole statement does not present as false or misleading.


The tax cut legislation is currently making its way through the system. WaPo claim that Reagan’s cut was bigger in percentage terms but, given the economy has grown since, it is entirely possible that the dollar value of Trump’s cut will top it. Any prediction about the future has a margin of error but I see nothing false or misleading here.


WaPo accept that the statement is true but, during the 2016 campaign, Trump claimed that the unemployment statistics are not reliable. If WaPo disagree with him the 33 statements made by Donald Trump as President are true and his election campaign claim false – not the other way.

These top five statements add up to 245 examples of allegedly “false or misleading” claims made by Donald Trump since taking the office in January 2017. But, as my brief fact check above shows, they merely present an angle on the actual events which supports Trump’s narrative. I have no time to go through the rest of the WaPo list but, assuming it is of the same quality as the top five, I am not impressed.

In summary, I believe that the Wapo’s claim Donald Trump makes “false or misleading” statements over five times a day is not just misleading. It is downright false.




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