Really sad

I always thought that the most negative people in the World are the Green party supporters. If no environmental action is taken the Earth is being raped. If governments do something it is too little and too late. But as of about a year ago (8 November 2016 to be precise) the greenies have some serious competition for the misery crown. The CNN reporters.

The CNN coverage of the presidency of Donald Trump is a never ending barrage of morbidly depressive news. It is like nothing positive, constructive, uplifting has happened in the US in the last year. Every possible negative angle is being explored, dissected, amplified and regurgitated in a relentless procession of self-referencing gloom. In fact I struggle to recall a single unqualified expression of praise for Donald Trump’s actions coming from the CNN since his stunning election victory. But maybe the reporters are correct to view him as an unmitigated failure? Maybe the US indeed descended into an abyss of misery a year and a bit ago? Here are a few facts which do not quite fit in this narrative.

  1. The US share market is having an absolute ball under Trump and has added over USD5 trillion to its value since the election day. The Dow Jones industrial index has risen an amazing 31% in that period. From what I remember the only share market news headlined in the CNN coverage since the elections was a dip in mid-March (red arrow in the chart below). So what CNN found worthy of prominently reporting on was the brief wobble in an unprecedented rally on Donald Trump’s watch –  “Dow has worst day in 8 months as Trump drama rattles market”Document1-page-001
  2. The US unemployment rate runs at 4.2% which is the lowest it has been for 16 years – not that you will find out about it from the CNN front page coverage.
  3. The annualised growth rate in the second quarter has now been revised up to 3.1% – just ahead of market expectation and the highest it has been since early 2015. Again, you would have to dig deep through the CNN economy pages to find out.
  4. ISIS has lost its de-facto Syrian capital of Raqqa. This decisive success in the 3 years long battle against the Islamic terrorists has been achieved under the new rules of engagement introduced by Trump – for which he took the rightful credit. For some reason the demise of ISIS appeared so de-emphasised in the CNN coverage that one could easily have missed it in the deluge of news reports on all the calamities afflicting the US under Trump.
  5. The attempts to illegally cross the US border from Mexico have dropped by up to 67%! The admission that this staggering drop is an “attribute to President Donald Trump’s aggressive immigration enforcement policies” did not make the CNN front page headlines.
  6. The recent tour of Asia appears to have been very successful for Donald Trump who managed to get his message across while avoiding unnecessary grief. But here is a bunch of depressing headlines CNN featured in their coverage of this rather auspicious development:

“Trump, Duterte at odds on whether rights was discussed”

“Cilizza: Trump laughed when Rodrigo Duterte called media ‘spies’ Not good”

“This may be the most awkward presidential handshake ever”

“Opinion: Trump shoots himself in the foot”


What this is telling me is that there is something about CNN which causes people to develop a negative view of life. Really sad. Oh, wait – what did I just say??


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