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This post gives account of my personal struggle to deal with the ripples caused by the meteoric rise of Donald Trump. There are two angles here – my own coming to terms with the extraordinary events surrounding his election and trying to understand how others view them.

During the campaign I did not really like Trump’s populism but was impressed by his willingness to talk about the issues no other presidential candidate would touch. What truly shocked me though was the way the mainstream media, whose job is to give a neutral account of the reported events, openly threw their weight behind Hillary Clinton. The likes of CNN, NYT or WaPo gave up on any distinction between news (meaning fact reporting) and opinions – virtually all their coverage consisted of anti-Trump opinions presented as facts.

This was followed by the professional bodies selling out in a similar way. I watched with disbelief when American Psychoanalytic Association reversed its long-standing policy and allowed its members to publicly discuss the mental condition of Donald Trump. I struggled to reconcile the concept of an open society – in which media and science should be neutral – with the reality of so many organisations shamelessly taking one side in a democratic political contest.

My bewilderment continued after the election, when the people I know and respect appeared totally blind to the monumental social manipulation playing out in the mainstream media. The same online news services which so blatantly biased their election coverage in favour of one (failed) candidate were trusted to provide a neutral account of what the winner was up to. How could anyone possessed of a critical mind accept the anti-Trump garbage peddled by the disgraced mainstream media? How come so many of my friends still do?

The answer to my questions came from an unexpected source – the Sam Harris podcast interview with Scott Adams

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