Putin and the US election

The Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election has been a subject of much speculation. Most people appear to assume that Putin’s aim was to promote Trump because of some sort of ideological or personal connection between the two, often referred to as “co-operation” or “collusion”. This post presents my views on this contentious issue.

Having grown up in Poland before the Iron Curtain fell I experienced first-hand the tactics used by the Soviets to exercise control. Their classic method is sowing discord to exploit fractures in the societies of the countries they want to dominate. This approach, described in detail in the KGB manuals, can target any existing or prospective social tension but will typically focus on the following areas:

  1. Discontent of the underclasses over unequal distribution of wealth and social privilege
  2. Promotion of political groups and leaders promising change – the more radical the better
  3. Ferment caused by the feminist ideology seeking to undermine the patriarchal system
  4. Racial divisions which can be exploited to foster social chaos and civil unrest

For someone who grew up watching the process in real life divide-and-rule is an ABC of Soviet expansionism. While this method would not work against North Korea, it is remarkably effective in splitting up free societies which allow open debates on contentious issues. Most countries which eventually fell under the Soviet rule first experienced waves of internal discontent expressed by the underprivileged, women and minorities – all inspired and sponsored by the KGB machine. Viewed through this filter Putin’s support for Trump is not a sign of any meaningful allegiance but simply the promotion of a destabilising change in the political system of a traditional adversary. But have other social fractures been targeted by the Russian hackers in the run-up to the US elections?


“According to The Daily Caller, the Instagram account, @feminist_tag, was actually the work of Russian officials, and designed to use the burgeoning anti-Trump “resistance” to further divide the country, sowing political discord that the Russians hoped would lead to a system breakdown. Russian media outlet, RBC, reports that @feminist_tag was part of a much larger Russian program, designed to inflame identity politics, and which included Facebook ads, specifically targeted to increase racial and gender-based tensions. The program specifically targeted areas like Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, as well as, it seems, the Women’s Marchers — anyone who was actively undermining American unity, it seems.”


“Sources with knowledge of the ads tell CNN that they ranged from posts promoting gun rights and the Second Amendment to posts warning about what they said was the threat undocumented immigrants posed to American democracy. Some ads promoted Black Lives Matter while others decried it, as the Washington Post reported Monday. The apparent goal of the ads, the sources who spoke with CNN said, was to amplify political discord and fuel an atmosphere of incivility and chaos around the 2016 presidential campaign, not necessarily to promote one candidate or cause over another.”

So here we go – Putin’s support for Trump which the liberals obsess about was just one component of the propaganda campaign straight out of the KGB manuals, whose aim was to weaken the American society. As evidenced by the rounds of mutual recriminations between various political factions in the US, the Russians succeeded in their goal.



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