Obama’s kiss of death

As the dust is settling after the US elections we are beginning to appreciate the circumstances which lead Donald Trump to his stunning victory. One such factor which went unnoticed by most commentators will now be brought to your attention by da-boss. It was the kiss of death delivered on Hillary’s cheek by Barack Obama.

To regular readers of the blog it will come as no surprise I am not an admirer of Mr Obama. In fact I think his political legacy is nothing short of disastrous. Here is the summary of his failings which are well documented by public record:

  • He was repeatedly snubbed by North Korea which carried out a number of nuclear tests on his watch. Obama’s legacy does not include a coherent policy for dealing with Kim Jong-un
  • He was repeatedly snubbed by Iran which carries on its uranium enriching operations. The agreement Obama managed to negotiate is a poor face-saving measure of little substance.
  • He masterminded and carried out military destruction of the political regime in Libya which handed the country to Islamist militias and made it into a staging post for millions of African refugees invading Europe. No policy exists for dealing with the problem.
  • He made absolutely no progress in sorting out the Israel-Palestinian conflict and there is no solution on the horizon.
  • He completely mishandled the Syrian crisis and as a result millions are suffering way more than they did under the despotic rule of Assad. Syria is a mess no one knows how to fix.
  • Through inaction, he has allowed for the formation of the Islamic State – a creation of barbaric religious fanatics hell bent on imposing their ideology on others. Some gains are made in the fight against IS, partly due to the Russian involvement which was a slap on the face for Obama.
  • He fell out with Putin, leading to the new low in the relationships between two nuclear super-powers. On the positive side Trump appears able and willing to repair the damage.
  • He failed to prevent the military expansion of China into the South China Sea.
  • Guantanamo Bay, which he repeatedly vowed to close is still open, after 8 years of his presidency.
  • Domestically, he spent most of his political capital ramming through the ObamaCare plan which in all likelihood will now be dismantled by his successor in the Oval Office.

Given Obama’s disastrous track record of (non) achievement it is no wonder that his unprecedented in the political history of the US public endorsement of Hillary Clinton  turned out to be a kiss of death. As Trump aptly put it nobody wanted another four years of Obama.



2 Responses to “Obama’s kiss of death”

  1. VK Says:

    ObamaCare? Who is paying for it? Since it has been introduced the cost of health care for an average family rose some 3-4 times and it is paid by those very families, not some federal budget. ObamaCare is nothing more than yet another tax imposed on the predominantly white employed citizens, so that Obama could please his electorate of unemployed and unemployable.

    And on the international scene America has never been so weak and ineffective.

  2. The Free Market Says:

    You are being more than a little unfair here (follow through point by point):
    North Korea:
    Who has a constructive policy on North Korea? The Russian don’t, the Chinese don’t, the American’s don’t. So in comparison to what is Obama not having a coherent policy for dealing with North Korea?
    And Obama is different to Bush and others how? Who has been successful here? Iran is playing the long game and winning in Iraq and even managing to make Saudi Arabia look bad. Why do you blame this one on Obama when previous presidents have been the same.
    Israel – Palestine:
    No one has. And I doubt anyone will. This has been going on for decades (since the creation of Israel after the war to my mind), some would say thousands of years. Could Obama succeed where everyone else has failed? Why hold Obama to different standards than anyone else?
    Correct. It is a mess no one knows how to fix it. So why is it Obama’s fault? Isn’t it also the fault of Putin and Bush? Putin is treating it as a convenient distraction and part of the continuation war against the West. Having failed to be accepted into the international community Putin is taking the only other option- continuation war, a war Bush and others forced on Russia. And, yes, which Obama has been continuing. Yes, OK, Obama has mishandled the Syrian crisis, like everyone else (except arguably Putin).
    Islamic State:
    Obama didn’t allow the creation of IS though inaction. By fomenting revolt, funding, supporting and training militants, some of whom joined IS, I think American had an active role in trying to get rid of Assad and failed. If it had not been for Putin Assad would be long gone and there would not have been a catastrophe or the refugees. This has worked against America in a massive way like funding and training Saddam Hussein who turned and the Afghanistani mujahedeen who fought Russia, then turned against America. America has a bad history of creating enemies out of friends. So, yes it has been mishandled because of not taking into account Russia’s involvement. I disagree with your work “inaction”.
    The fallout with Russia happened well before Obama. There was a chance for rapprochement after the Wall came down. Refer to the Oliver Stone documentary “The Untold History of the United States” for much more about this one.
    China has been involved in a trade war with America, a little like the trade war Japan was involved in for decades (if you recall the Japanese owned huge amounts of American bonds and assets). China looks like running out of room to maneuver earlier in the cycle than Japan did. Demographics are going to take an interesting toll on China in the coming decades. The number of people coming through as cheap labour has already stopped and some of the internal migratory flows have changed.
    Agreed. Total failure. Zero out of ten.
    “Obama Care”:
    The American medical system has to have a massive shake up. For too many decades allowing medical companies a “cost plus” system (the government would pay whatever the costs were plus a maring, so of course drug companies increased the costs) led to the US having the most expensive medical system in the world. ObamaCare was a good try to get a fairer, more universal system of health care.
    Nobody wanted another period of austerity. Nobody wanted another decade where the economic gains are taken by Wall Street and bankers. What is the point of 3% economic growth (or whatever) when the average worker is only getting 0 – 1% per annum. The gains from the last decade have gone to capital- workers used to get 64% of the economic pie, which is now down to just over 50%. More money should be going to share-holders and investors, it isn’t, it is going instead to the rich 1% whose incomes have increased massively, together they have managed to snaffle something like 60% of the economic growth in the last decade. What makes a hedge fund manager able to cream $US1 billion a year in salaries now? The elite’s salaries have been increasing massively while everyone else stays comparatively still. The system is corrupt at the top- boards vote executives high salaries with massive bonuses, who vote boards massive payments, who vote executives higher salaries. By voting for Trump many people in America are aiming for a big shake up in the system and against the status quo.

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