Has Donald trumped John Key?

The New Zealand Herald has joined the orchestrated worldwide effort by the left wing media to discredit Donald Trump. Here are the links to five pieces published on their website in the last few days:


That’s why Trump represents such a remarkable danger to the broader Republican Party as its presidential nominee. It’s not that he has controversial views. (He does.) It’s that he is totally unpredictable and undisciplined, careening wildly off message on a minute-by-minute basis


The barbarian is no longer at the gate. He’s inside the castle and heading for the throne room. (…) Trump’s vulgarity and the undercurrent of violence in his rhetoric – this week he declared he wanted to punch a protester in the face – locate him in popular culture rather than politics.


When he launched his campaign at a New York hotel and allegedly used paid actors to clap and cheer, I figured he wouldn’t last more than a few weeks. When he pledged to build a border wall, accused Mexicans of being rapists and criminals, fell out with Univision, NBC and – surely not – Fox News, I was convinced each blow would be fatal.


A plague has descended on the party in the form of the most successful demagogue-charlatan in the history of US politics. The party searches desperately for the cause and the remedy without realising that, like Oedipus, it is the party itself that brought on this.


I’d like to argue that with Trump, such statements are a kind of pandering rhetoric designed to woo frustrated voters. But these are strange times in American politics, ominous and foreboding in the dark patterns they trace of populist, fanatic and misguided movements of the past.


Every day it is less surprising that Trump does best in the areas of the country with the most racist Google searches. There is no way to look at Trump’s record and not conclude he is perfectly happy to ride nativists and racists as far as they will take him.

You might say that these are all opinion pieces and an independent newspaper in a free country is well within its rights to publish them. Fair enough but there are also people who intensely dislike Hillary Clinton. Has the Herald printed any articles referring to her as a dangerous person, renegade outlaw, loose cannon, barbarian, monster? Why do the supposedly neutral world media constantly have a go at only one of the hopefuls in the US presidential election? There are people who genuinely believe that Trump is the best candidate to occupy the White House. Why are their voices not given airtime? If Trump emerges as a Republican nominee or even the future US president, should this not be celebrated by the democracy junkies in the media? Or is democracy only good when it promotes politically correct flakes but not straight talkers like Trump?

I do not have a horse in the US presidential race but Trump’s willingness to openly talk about things other politicians consider off-limits is refreshing. This is in fact why the World media universally condemn him – to avoid having to deal with the inconvenient issues like immigration or radical Islam. But Trump thrives on controversy so the propaganda effort to “expose” his views is counter-productive. The socialist zealots in the media cannot see it and just follow a flowchart in their “spot the neo-con” manual. Trump is so popular precisely because people want to hear someone speak in a way not requiring a degree in public relations to understand. Even better if what that person has to say is relevant. Donald Trump ticks both boxes so the media efforts to derail his campaign by exposing his views is bound to fail.

In New Zealand a similar tactic has been used by the media against the Prime Minister John Key. Like him or lump him John Key is a remarkably successful politician and a popular public figure. At least part of his PR phenomenon is due to a sustained media campaign to discredit him. Just like in the case of Donald Trump, the stories invented by the editors of the newspapers to take down John Key have repeatedly failed to get any traction. The ugly truth is that the mainstream New Zealand likes John Key because he is real and talks like a guy next door and not a trained parrot. Also, not unlike Trump, he is a self-made man who can afford not to give a toss about the perks which come with the public service job. Might this be another reason why the editors of the newspapers, whose salaries are handsomely outsized by their egos, hate him so much?

Donald Trump



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