The (not so) happy New Year in Cologne

The main square in Cologne was always known for occasional excessive revelry but the 2016 New Year celebration added a different dimension to the problem. The place became a scene of an organised mass assault on women by up to 1000 young men of “North African or Arab appearance”.

The scenario developing in Europe follows very closely my predictions made in a number of previous posts (for example here and here). On 5/8/2015 I wrote:

It is crucial to realise that the current social structures of Europe have been designed to set loose boundaries for the co-habitation of the populations sharing common views like personal responsibility, tolerance, freedom of expression and separation of church and state. We know how to deal with drunken revellers, people who park on a yellow line or an occasional tax cheat. The laws which have evolved reflect this focus. But these laws are totally inadequate in dealing with a determined threat to the very foundation the societies enacting them are based on. And the political process which could in theory change the laws has been overwhelmed by the leftist, soft-minded thinking.

The inability of both the law enforcement and political elites to deal with the current challenges has been very clearly demonstrated on the New Years Day in Cologne. The police were helpless when faced with an organised mass assault. Unprepared and outnumbered, it is doubtful they even tried to stay in control.

The politically correct media first failed to report the events. When things blew in their face the German broadcaster ZDF issued a half-arsed apology but without mentioning the issue was hushed up because it involved ethnic minorities. Then the (female) mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker advised women to keep safe by staying “a certain distance of more than an arm’s length” from unknown men during public celebrations. This comment, while sensible in many circumstances, enraged the women who were subjected to a gang assault in Cologne.

After some faked outrage the German politicians swiftly moved to warn of a possible backlash against African and Arab immigrants. If true, their comforting claims that the Cologne thugs were not recent arrivals actually imply the ethnic communities do not integrate over time which is arguably even more alarming. But the most pathetic aspect of this sorry saga was the response from the women’s  advocates.

Barbara Steffens, equality minister in North Rhine-Westphalia, told the BBC there needed to be greater recognition of the issues women faced on a daily basis, and more “social condemnation of male abuse of power”. “It is still the case that women who have been raped are often not believed, abuses are trivialised, lewd jokes and sexist comments are tolerated, and women are reduced to their bodies. We need to work on that, to create a tangible culture of respect.”

The above statement is completely idiotic in the context of an organised mass assault by a gang of youth from ethnic minorities. It is not a generic male abuse of power that has led to the outrageous act of banditry in Cologne. It is the mass immigration to Europe of people from the cultures which respect neither women nor Western laws.

Unfortunately this is just the beginning of a social upheaval in Europe. I believe that mass assaults, riots, rapes and looting by gangs from the ethnic minorities will soon challenge the social structures of the West. The police force is totally unable to deal with problems of this scale and, absent political will to take some drastic steps to face the threat, the very survival of Europe as we know it will be in question.



2 Responses to “The (not so) happy New Year in Cologne”

  1. vk Says:

    Isn’t it exactly what the Hungarian PM Orban was predicting for Europe to become when he was deflecting criticism from European leftists and other dogooders for building fences on Hungarian boarder

  2. da-boss Says:

    It is 😦

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