The end (of Europe) is nigh

I have to admit that the recent terrorist attack in Paris caught me by surprise. That jihadist operatives roam freely around Europe posing as refugees is common knowledge. That criminals can obtain automatic weapons in countries where ordinary citizens are not allowed to have them should not be news to anyone. That there is a steady supply of young men willing to give their lives in the name of Allah on a mission of killing infidels has been well documented. What surprised me is that the ISIS even bothered to prod the decaying corpse of Europe.

A culture amounts to a set of values complete with the population willing to uphold them. The Western culture, in all its variants, has been remarkably successful in enhancing the living standards and individual freedom of its beneficiaries. As a result it spilled over the areas which used to be dominated by other cultures, less efficient in creating material prosperity and generating social advancement. However, the participants of the Western culture have grown complacent, taking the freedoms and riches they had access to for granted. What we are witnessing at present is the terminal phase of the decline of the West, as it is being overwhelmed by the cultural invaders.

Islam, in its scripturally dogmatic form, has at its core  ideas which are alien to the Western culture. It holds that religious commandments trump secular laws. It believes that women have less rights than men. It does not accept democracy. It obliges its followers to convert or conquer the lands governed by infidels. One would think that the West would actively oppose an aggressive, expansive ideology which challenges its values. However, deterioration of critical thinking has eroded the West’s ability to recognise, let alone act against the threat.

The video linked below is a striking example of the suicidal madness which has gripped the West:

It is a Swedish social engineering effort promoting the idea of sharing their country with foreigners. That these foreigners, arriving in huge numbers in the last decade or so, aspire to values which have little to do with Sweden’s way of life, has not occurred to the producers of the video. What we are treated to instead is a band of elated multi-culturalists ecstatically yelling “This is my country, this is your country – I am so happy to share it with you”.

With a sizable contingent of useful idiots at influential positions in Europe it is surprising that the ISIS even bothered to stage another attack. I would have thought that all they had to do is accept the invitation from the Swedish video and displace the local populations so eager to welcome them. Life can be stranger than fiction.


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