A perfect storm in Calais

In social processes where tensions build up incrementally the events can quickly take a dramatic turn set off by a trigger. Due to the chaotic dynamics of human interactions these triggers can be difficult to predict. I have long thought that the acute phase of the social implosion in Europe will start at one of the known flashpoints like the ethnic districts of Brussels, Malmo or on the outskirts of Paris. The recent events in Calais have made me re-evaluate this assumption.

What is brewing on the French side of the English Channel has the whole marks of a perfect storm. There are thousands of desperate migrants with nothing to lose. The transport infrastructure which was designed to handle a visa-free transit of visitors between friendly countries. Societies which have grown soft over decades of prosperity and are blind to the seriousness of the challenge they are facing. Inept political elites focused on short term survival and slaved to the politically correct dogma. A centuries old animosity reactivating between two countries lurking at each other over a 40km wide stretch of frigid waters.

The migrant crisis in Calais exposes a fundamental weakness of the “united” Europe and also the bankruptcy of the post-modern West. We have no idea how to deal with a committed and sustained attack against our cultural identity. In the social reality where any criticism of other value systems is viewed as racism it is impossible to publicly expose the threats. As a result the Barbarians are already past the gates and the alarm has not even been sounded. Europe cannot deal with hundreds of thousands of immigrants who flood it every year, without the dissolution of its social fabric. The multi-cultural social experiment has been a dismal failure and the fragile balance in place now will implode as masses of fresh immigrants put additional strain on the welfare budgets. The illusory unity of Europe will be exposed as wishful thinking when individual countries start kicking the can down the road by opening their borders to let the undesirable fresh arrivals flood their neighbours.

It is crucial to realise that the current social structures of Europe have been designed to set loose boundaries for the co-habitation of the populations sharing common views like personal responsibility, tolerance, freedom of expression and separation of church and state. We know how to deal with drunken revellers, people who park on a yellow line or an occasional tax cheat. The laws which have evolved reflect this focus. But these laws are totally inadequate in dealing with a determined threat to the very foundation the societies enacting them are based on. And the political process which could in theory change the laws has been overwhelmed by the leftist, soft-minded thinking. These are the components of a perfect storm approaching the European coast in Calais.

As long as thousands of migrants heading for Lampedusa and Sicily are allowed to enter the EU they will become a hot potato being passed between the member states. They will gravitate to where social welfare provisions are more generous and where ethnic ghettos already exist. They will cross permeable borders and congregate at choke points like Calais. This is where law enforcement agencies, trained to operate speed cameras but ill equipped for dealing with any real challenge to public safety, will fail to contain the threat. Even if Europe manages to somehow find home for the thousands currently camping at Calais, thousands more will turn up, emboldened by the success of others. And as long as the Europeans keep fishing people out of the Mediterranean waters, thousands will always be at hand to join the camps in Calais.

Contrary to what the immigrant advocates pontificate the problem is not that Europe does not share the load of migration. The problem is the load is too great for Europe to share. Due to the idiotic foreign policy of supporting the so called Arab Spring, the protective ring of secular countries around Europe has been shattered, opening the way for uncontrolled mass migration. In this sense Europe only has itself to blame for what is happening but this does not make the spectacle any less painful to watch. Sadly, I think we should get used to the images like the one below in the news from Europe.



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