On a positive note…

The analyses of the current state of the World affairs posted on da-boss may at times seem negative. This is because my critical mind accepts no compromises and I am prepared to write about issues in a direct way. It does not mean that I enjoy dwelling on the negative aspects of reality but simply that from my perspective there is not much to cheer at present. The Western World has lost its way as a result of fiddling with the fundamental rules which should govern a healthy society. But things are not beyond repair and this post will present some ideas on how sanity can be restored. A word of caution – readers used to consuming politically correct fluff may find the contents below deeply disturbing so discretion is advised.

Here is what I believe is required to make the Western World viable both economically and socially:

  • Reinstate the concept that private property is sacrosanct and out of reach of the grabby hands of the governments. This is so fundamental that I despair at having to explain it in detail during private conversations. If a government feels it can take 30% or 50% of the wages it could also take 80% or 100% if it felt like it. There is no definable limit here and if they can decide how much to take they must feel they own the lot! But where did the idea that the government owns our income even come from? Is it not completely fundamental that, not being slaves, we own the fruits of our labour? If I came to take half of what you earn I would be accused of theft. If I brought a bunch of mates with me we would be accused of an organised crime. But if a tax collector does the same it is legit? My critical mind is telling me this does not sound right.

But how do we fund social spending if no tax is collected? Well, maybe we do not need to …

  • Abandon all forms of income re-distribution and leave the sphere of social welfare to charities and private donors like Bill Gates or Prince of Saudis. Of course, with no income tax in place, we will have a lot more Bill Gates-es and wealthy princes so the needy will be well looked after. Ask yourself why the professional bureaucrats and university trained social workers are supposedly better at attending to peoples’ needs than those who made it in the ‘real’ world and accumulated stacks of life experience in the process. And, as demonstrated in my recent post, these guys are only too happy to share their wealth!

So what about the job myriads of state agencies do in the social area? The item below is so radical those with high blood pressure, mentally fragile or otherwise infirm are advised to skip it:

  • Stop all social engineering like affirmative action, enforcement of gender equality, fighting racism, teaching cultural sensitivity at schools etc. Let people sort things out themselves at a family, community and church congregation levels. Collecting money through taxes and throwing it at social problems introduces costs, inefficiencies and ideological bias to the process. Let those who are successful in life help and mentor those who are not.

Ok, but how do we pay for the army, police and judiciary?

  • Fund the essential services necessary for the survival of the country through land tax, not income tax. This way those who own real estate will pay the state for protecting it and those who own nothing will pay nothing. Fair? You bet!

But how can we make it all happen in the World where general populations will never vote to have the right to put their hand into other peoples’ pockets curtailed?

  • Replace democracy with nomocracy where the law (Greek: nomos) is written by the citizens with a financial stake in the society – landowners, business people, professionals etc. Of course, just like Henry Ford, they will very quickly realise that to sell more goods they have to first make sure the masses can afford them – which is what it is all about!

Those of you versed in history may have picked up that my disturbingly radical proposals actually describe how the Western World was run say 150 years ago. This is when the West sold its goods to China (not the other way around) and when people from Angola were desperate to move to Portugal for a better life (not the other way around).


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