Why I hate socialism (3)

Janusz Korwin-Mikke (whose views were presented on da-boss a number of times before) says that if socialists just took the tax money and wasted it it would be bad enough but they feel they have to provide something in return, which makes it even worse. Not known to beat around the bush I will come out and say that the main reason I hate socialism is its patronising, condescending attitude of constantly telling me what to do and think as if I were a driveling idiot, unable to make my own choices.


After finishing the first para of this post I decided to go on the NZ Herald website to find how long it would take me to locate the first article which demonstrates the above. After 3 minutes I found out that the WHO (funded with tax money collected in the member countries) recons I should eat only 9 teaspoons of sugar a day, down from my current intake of 15.


Considering I do not take sugar at all this was a good start but I felt I could find something even more juicy. Then, 1 minute later (4 minutes from the start of the search) I came across this beauty:


Yesterday, changes to flexible working arrangements came into effect with the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2014 extending the legal right to ask for flexible working arrangements from caregivers only, to all employees. The flexibility could be towards hours of work, days of work or place of work.

The requirement of six months’ prior employment with the employer before asking for flexibility has also been removed, as has the limit on the number of requests for flexibility that an employee can make in a year. 

The changes will also reduce the timeframe within which an employer must respond to a request from three months to one. Any refusals must now be explained in writing.

Nonsense like this drives me up the wall. There was nothing stopping the employees from negotiating any working arrangements (including flexible time) before the latest amendment to the employment laws was passed. I did it a number of times myself in the last 20 years and always came to some sort of agreement. I did not wave the employment laws in my hand when asking for flexible working hours – in fact neither side probably even knew if the issue was regulated. We simply talked like reasonable people and agreements were reached. Let me clarify that the employers do not have to agree to those requests, either under the old or new laws. This stupid piece of legislation simply means that now all workers (not just those with young children in their care) can ask for what they want on the day they are employed and have a right to a written refusal within one months and not three.

Is this going to change anything as far as the real life is concerned? Yes. The employers will be forced to do more paperwork and more often. When employing someone new they will have to weigh up if the newbie is likely to ask for special privileges before anyone had the time to assess his/her capabilities and work habits. All workers will feel they are entitled to ask for flexible time, regardless of whether it has to do with picking up the kids from school or their preference to play golf at lunchtime.

The fact tax money was wasted on this particular exercise is bad but what makes it even worse is that we now have new laws which generate additional compliance cost and cause unnecessary disruption in the workplace. This is why I hate socialism.



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