More on LGBT and political collectivism

It is comforting when minds brighter than ours independently arrive at similar views and opinions. A while ago, in the post on the LGBT movement I stated:

I have always been wary of implied group identities and collective activism. (…) I grew up in a socialist country where political propaganda was based on concepts like “working class” or “patriotic youth” and we were all deemed to belong to these groups, without ever being asked. I suspect the same thing may be happening with the LGBTxxxxxx movement which claims to be a voice of 5-10% of the population, few of whom have been consulted.

It ties in remarkably well with the post on the WhaleOil blog penned by the ACT Party candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections, Stephen Berry:

What the aforementioned politicians fail to grasp is the total invalidity of collectivism. I encountered it myself when I took part in a debate at AUT earlier in the day. The pro-compulsory student group politicians were complaining that students have lost their voice under voluntary student membership. I pointed at individual students watching in the quad and said that there is no way that student, and this student, and this other student all have one voice. They are individuals with their own hopes, dreams and visions for their own lives. They are not a blind block of drones standing in formation waiting for their leader to tell them what to say and think. 


The acronym GLBTI refers to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex. Without going into too much lurid detail, this is men who have sex with men, women who have sex with women, individuals who have sex with both genders, individuals who have had a sex change and individuals who are either part way through gender reassignment surgery or are hermaphrodites. My experience as a gay man who socialises with other gay men is that their opinions are as diverse as anyone’s. Many of them don’t share my politics yet a few GLBTI activists think they can be the voice for tens of thousands of people who can’t even agree on who is best to have sex with?

Well said, Stephen!


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