The joys of living (?) in Islamic State

As the details of a new batch of appalling atrocities committed by ISIS: 

are coming to hand a common reaction in the West is apathy. The idea of burying people alive just because they do not share one’s view of life is foreign to a Western mind-set but ignoring the evil will not make it go away. I for one feel we should be clear what we think about the ideology which gave rise to this horror unfolding before our eyes. We should be clear what we think about Islam. Here is my take:

  • Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is about submission – this is what the word literally means. If those who do not submit are slaughtered this has nothing to do with peace.
  • Islam is not a religion. It is a totalitarian ideology like Marxism, Bolshevism, Nazism or Maoism. The difference is in compulsion – unlike religion, totalitarian ideologies will get you even if you want nothing to do with them.
  • Islam does what it professes. In this “progressive” World where words have lost meaning Islam is different in that when it says that kafirs must convert or else, its adherents will follow things through.
  • There is no moderate Islam – there is only incomplete Islam. Islam is a comprehensive package of ideas which includes giving non-believers options to convert, become dhimmis, leave the area or die. There is nothing moderate about it.
  • There are no extreme Muslims – there are only true Muslims. Muslims are required to accept every single instruction uttered by the Prophet and carry these teachings everywhere through jihad. Some will not do it – they are the Islamic heretics who are dealt with harshly by the true Muslims.
  • The conquest of Northern Iraq by ISIS is not a corruption of Islam – it is the embodiment of Islam. It is in fact very similar to what the Prophet’s armies achieved in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa is the middle ages.

Also, I do not understand why the Western media keep slipping in the phrase “women and children” in the context of atrocities. Do they imply that a slaughter involving only adult males would be somehow less appalling?



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