Janusz Korwin Mikke (2)

I have in the past presented on da-boss the views of the maverick Polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke. Here are some more pearls of his wisdom for your enjoyment.


Being a dedicated monarchist JKM often faces during public meetings a smug question “what if a king turns out to be stupid?”. Being ruled by an idiot sounds like a flawed concept but JKM’s riposte is striking in its logic. While in a monarchy we may end up being ruled by an idiot in a democracy we are guaranteed to be ruled by idiots. The truth is that most people are unable to grasp the complexities of running a country. The law of statistics is that the larger the size of a sub-population, the closer its average metric (in this case: intelligence) is to the average of the full population. To reverse the problem, while a king is quite likely to be intelligent and up to the job, democratic system will always produce stupid decisions – this is what the laws of statistical distribution are telling us. This insight unsettles many opponents of monarchy but then JKM delivers a crushing blow. If a king happens to be an idiot he can be poisoned or assassinated but it is completely impossible to assassinate a majority which rules in democracy. The crisp, pragmatic logic of this argument leaves me speechless.

Another question which frequently crops up during public meetings with JKM has to do with the environmental policies. If a liberal state collects no taxes to pay for social programs how will the natural environment be protected? JKM typically responds that he is very concerned about his natural environment – which he understands as his heated lounge, home library and bedroom. Forest is not a natural environment of humans and he encourages anyone with an opposing view to spend a night in a forest in Europe in the middle of winter. But in any case, even the remaining old forests of Europe (including the famous Puszcza Bialowieska) are not “natural” in a sense that they have been managed (hunted, logged) for centuries so the discussion is academic. JKM adds that, hopefully, wealthy individuals will buy and maintain some parks with public access but they will be recreational areas, not “natural environment” of humans.

One last example of JKM’s logic has to do with the state policy of job creation. The argument actually sounds even better in Polish language where the term translates directly as “workplace creation” – meaning instituting policies which result in increased employment. Well, according to JKM there is no need whatsoever to create “workplaces” because they already exist. At 5pm the workers go home and the factories are shut. If there were market for more goods the owners would simply add a night shift, without creating any new “workplaces”. What needs to be created is more demand for goods. One sure way this can be achieved would be through lowering income taxes. This would leave more money in peoples’ pockets and drive consumption. So, instead of collecting taxes to fiddle with the employment through subsidies etc the state should butt out altogether and employment will increase, without creating new “workplaces”.

I am finding JKM’s relentless (if slightly detached) logic irresistible.


3 Responses to “Janusz Korwin Mikke (2)”

  1. Łukasz Niechaj Says:

    You know He’s a legend in Poland already. The point of his idea is that “union” civilization is worse than european civilization which we used to have. Right now even arabic is better than “union” and you can see this everywere. It would be nice that europian people learn more about our guy. Sorry for my english

  2. da-boss Says:

    Dzieki za wpis. Ja zawsze kiedy moglem glosowalem na Korwina – pierwszy raz jakies 30 lat temu. Po wyborach do sejmu napisze jeszcze cos o jego pogladach.

  3. Łukasz Niechaj Says:

    Pierwszy anglojęzyczny ośrodek wsparcia pana Janusza. Wszystkie poprzednie w google są niepszychylne a nawet oczerniające naszego bohatera. Także good job 😉

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