Global climate update

Recognising the depth of concern about the environmental issues da-boss runs periodic updates on the goings-on in the weather and climate. So has anything remarkable happened since the previous post on climate?

Let us start by revisiting the dire prediction Al Gore made in December 2008:

If the link does not open on your PC Al Gore prophesises in the clip that the Arctic ice cap would disappear in 5 years. Well, 5 years have just passed so let us check how the Goracle’s prediction squares up with reality:


From this image prepared by NSIDC on 15/12/2013 it looks like the Arctic ice cover is quite extensive so another environmental prediction turned out to be a complete flop. I may be the last man alive who reckons that public figures should be accountable for what they say but I am eagerly expecting a public pronouncement from Al Gore, admitting he was wrong in 2008. In case I miss it could you please post the link to a news item reporting Al Gore’ s retraction in the comment section?

A failed environmental prediction by a serial liar like Al Gore does not mean there are no weather extremes happening in the World. For example a powerful typhoon hit the Philippines in November. The resulting 6,000 or so casualties, while tragic, were nowhere near the death toll of other tropical storms. In fact Haiyan rated outside the top 35 tropical cyclones in this sad statistic:


Predictably, there has been no trend in the number of typhoons hitting the Philippines in the last 100 years:


so I guess tragedies like Haiyan are going to happen once in a while – like they have in the past.

Looking for the recent weather anomalies I have come across the reports of a snowy winter blast in Israel:


and Egypt:


The global temperature metric for November was +0.19C – slightly down from the October figure of +0.29C.


So all is quiet on the climate front – the Arctic ice has not melted as feared, there are some weather extremes but with no trend and the global warming “pause” continues. Nothing much to report.


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