My mid-blog crisis

I have finally accepted I must be having a mid-blog crisis. We all start fresh and full of hope for making a difference but the mundane reality of blogger’s life begins to take its toll after a while. Youthful idealism gives way to a more measured and calculated approach. There are also these nagging questions which only grow more persistent with each published post. Have I achieved anything of worth? Is another post going to make a difference to anyone?

I checked the papers this morning and there is no shortage of topics worth writing about.

Auckland mayor, Len Brown, was forced to admit he has a mistress. The lucky lady is an ethnic Chinese Bevan Chuang who is 25 years Len’s junior. A colourful personality, she spoke to the NZ Herald last year about her urge to have a baby in the Dragon year. The problem she faced in pursuit of her goal was a lack of partner so she was actively seeking a sperm donor. Recently she went public with some juicy details of her affair with Len Brown. This included revelations that the pair had sex in Len’s office during office hours a dozen times and that he routinely masturbated while talking to her on the phone – all these claims apparently supported by hard evidence. While I am not interested in the details on Len’s intimate life the guy is a socialist hell bent (as they all are) on spending money we do not have so the sooner he is gone the better.

Flicking over to the World news I found a wealth of material on the US debt crisis. In simple terms the side advocating that borrowing be curbed is branded as reckless and those who want to raise the debt limit (for umptieth time) and keep overspending are the responsible ones. What a treat for a blogger keen on commenting on the decline of the West!

I was going to get cracking with another acerbic post but then the reality hit me – it was not going to make a blind bit of difference. The few followers of da-boss will (or will not) care to have a casual read at lunch break but apart from that nothing will happen. Len will squirm for a while before finally resigning citing the pressure on his family life from unscrupulous media. The Democrats and Republicans will somehow agree to raise the debt limit and more borrowed money will pour in to fund more state spending, thus propelling the US further toward bankruptcy. And there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

To deal with the mid-blog crisis I must stay positive. I am going to follow the doctor’s advice to eat more veggies, exercise regularly and get some sunshine. I will also try to accept the fact that I am aging as a blogger – this is completely natural. There is still a lot I can offer to others. Maybe I should try to go for the soon-to-be vacant Auckland mayoralty?


One Response to “My mid-blog crisis”

  1. Nick Says:

    Oh, V., please don’t become one of those ‘bloggers’ who just copypaste pieces of news. I do not read this crap there, and do not want to read it here =) If there is no topic to write about — don’t worry, we can wait. There is a good recommendation: write only if you can’t NOT to write.
    By the way, read this: and stop reading it as I did. IT WORKS! =)

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