Arctic ice quiz (1)

In mid-late September, after months of melting, the Arctic ice cover shrinks to a minimum of its annual cycle. This is the time of the year we are bombarded with news reports proclaiming that the ice is in “death spiral” and in a matter of years will all be gone. A sample dose of doomsday therapy from 2012 is reproduced here for your convenience:

The drastic melting of Arctic sea ice has finally ended for the year, scientists announced Wednesday, but not before demolishing the previous record — and setting off new warnings about the rapid pace of change in the region.

Sea ice in the Arctic has shrunk to its smallest extent ever recorded, smashing the previous record minimum and prompting warnings of accelerated climate change.

The Arctic is changing so rapidly right now and that is connected to our global climate system, so it’s really a precursor to what is coming for the rest of the planet and it really should be an eye-opener for people.

Arctic sea ice has long been regarded as a sensitive indicator of changes in the climate. Scientists who have been analysing the startling melt think it is part of a fundamental change.

Having just witnessed climate change in action on an Arctic campaign, Greenpeace International head Kumi Naidoo professed, “I am shit scared.” Despite the fact that the Arctic seems far away, Naidoo said, “What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.”

The few remaining readers of the mainstream news may have noticed that this year we were spared the usual doom-and-gloom write-ups accompanied by the Photoshopped depictions of polar bears on ice floes.


In fact, the issue has been hardly mentioned by the media. You are now welcome to have a guess why the media are shying away from talking about the Arctic ice cover in 2013:

A/ They are too busy discussing Lady Gaga’s new outfit

B/ All science editors went on leave at exactly the same time

C/ They cannot get hold of Kumi Naidoo

D/ The Arctic ice has melted completely so there is nothing to report on

E/ The Arctic ice cover is high which does not make catchy news

There is also a bonus question. What is currently going on with the Antarctic ice cover?

A/ Of course it is declining, like the Arctic ice!

B/ Antarctic ice cover cannot be measured due to the Uncertainty Principle

C/ What happens in the Antarctic, stays in the Antarctic, so who cares

D/ One question at a time, please

E/ It is at the highest level on record

Please respond in the comments section.

Arctic ice quiz (2)


2 Responses to “Arctic ice quiz (1)”

  1. Max Says:

    Oooo – I’m looking forward to the answers, Voytek!

  2. Nick Says:

    Don’t tell me this is E/E! 🙂 Nick

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