I got it wrong

Blogging is a lonely affair. To attract the internet audience one must spill one’s guts and package them like a lolly. With little feedback from the readers (my dear friend Nick is excluded from this generalisation) one must project enough bite to catch the attention of a casual reader while not sounding too weird. In the process, invariably, one gets it wrong from time to time. This post is a public admission of my failure in the duty of care I owe to the readers of da-boss.

In the final post on the demise of the West:


I speculated on the reasons why the West does not produce enough children. I mentioned the lure of the entertainment, going against the grain of tradition etc but I totally blanked out on the most important thing of all. It is time for da-boss to eat the humble pie and admit I have missed the point. The fundamental reason there are not enough babies born in the West is not what I implied.

As explained by Janusz Korwin-Mikke in the linked video:


people in the West do not have enough children because of the universal superannuation. In the past people had offspring and looked after them well in part because the children were expected to support them later in life. This is why parents spared no expense to educate their sons and daughters – to ensure there was an income stream to fund their own retirement. With the state pension system in place the incentive to invest in one’s children is largely gone. Adding to the problem is the childrens rights legislation which dis-empowers the parents. So, not only do we care less how our children are educated because our own financial well-being does not directly depend on it but we are also not allowed to get too involved at the risk of violating some laws.

Frankly, I do not know how I could have missed it. This embarrassing admission will motivate me to do more thorough research before posting in the future.


One Response to “I got it wrong”

  1. kolbask Says:

    Come on, Voytek, don’t be so harsh to yourself =) Blog is just a way to capture current thoughts and share them with those who interested.

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