Is Islam a religion of peace? (3)

Muslims living in non-Muslim countries are officially allowed to implement a clever tactic known as taqiyya which translates as caution but whose meaning is deception. While Quran generally advocates being forthright and truthful Muslims can lie to infidels if it advances the cause Islam – for example to gain the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. This is why it is naive to accept the answers given by Muslims to the probing questions about the position of women or the attitude to non-believers in Islam. Whoever is answering these questions is allowed to lie “to advance the cause of Islam”.

Having covered the basics of Islam we are better equipped to understand the recent events around the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich. These dramas tend to unfold like a scripted theatre play and I will try to explain the roles various parties enact, as well as their real motivation.

The murderers will claim that they killed and beheaded the soldier because the West (and the British Army in particular) occupies Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. In a war attacking an enemy combatant is allowed so the slaughter was a legitimate act. We should not be outraged by their claims because off-duty soldiers have been targeted in many conflicts in the past. One example is the execution of the SS Commander Franz Kutschera by the Polish underground in Warsaw in 1944, viewed in Poland as a patriotic deed. But whether Lee Rigby was or was not an active combatant is besides the point because the verse:

Quran (8:60) Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies

has been interpreted by some Muslim scholars as legitimising terrorism in general. That other scholars disagree is immaterial here – as long as there are scholars supporting this view it is legitimate for pious Muslims to act on it. We, infidels, are all enemies of Islam which makes us fair game.

Various Islamic organisations based in the West will come out with the predictable statements that Islam is a religion of peace, quoting selected passages from Quran. Practising taqiyya (deception) they will forget to mention that the peaceful declarations were subsequently abrogated (annulled, revoked). But in any case, these organisations are not ulema and so cannot pass judgement on what Islam is or is not – they merely parrot the convenient views for political expediency.

A bunch of useful idiots from the Western Left will align with the declarations of the Islamic organisations. From them we will hear about “moderate” Muslims – which is an oxymoron. Muslims are obliged to uncritically accept Quran and Quran (after the abrogation) is quite extreme by the Western standards so “moderate” Muslims are not Muslims at all! They may be perfectly reasonable human beings and respectable citizens but they are not following the fundamental articles of their faith.

Western politicians, after the initial faked outrage, will start slipping in notes of concern about “backlash” against Muslims. Then a commission will convene somewhere and decide that the security around Army barracks should be tightened etc. Western politicians are focused on short-term political survival and are not in the least bit interested in exposing the deep seated incompatibility between the Western lifestyle (with all its merits and failures) and Islam.

So – is Islam a religion of peace? I will leave it up to your judgement but we, in the West, are certainly a culture of suckers!



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