Janusz Korwin Mikke (1)

This post will be dedicated to the political insights of Janusz Korwin Mikke.

Educated in philosophy and mathematics, JKM also played chess and competitive bridge and even authored a book on the theory of bridge. Since late 1970s he has been actively involved is the Polish politics. He published political essays, led a number of minor political parties, was an Member of Parliament in 1991-1993 and a candidate in the presidential elections in 2000, 2005 and 2010. An original thinker and maverick of conservative-liberal politics he is both a controversial and popular public figure in Poland.

I personally have a lot of time for JKM because of his exceptional intellect and logic. He was, for example, one of the three people I know about who publicly claimed already in 1980s that the West was on a collision course with Islam (the two others being the brilliant Polish writer Waldemar Lysiak and Danish Buddhist teacher Lama Ole Nydahl). The events are unfolding exactly as predicted so kudos to those who saw first what was coming.

This is the link to a video from JKM’s recent public meeting in Krakow:

For the benefit of the non Polish speaking readers of da-boss I will itemise the main points he made, which are also representative of his general views on history and politics.

  • We live in the times of decline and, eventually, disintegration of the Western civilization (which JKM aptly refers to as “white man’s civilization”). Political systems do not fall because they are evil but because they go bust and this is what is happening to the West at present time.
  • A civilization is to be understood as the people plus the value system they live by. The Western civilization drew its values from the ancients and they included “volenti non fit injuria” – to him who consents no harm is done. This covers people who willingly put themselves in harm’s way. This rule is broken when we are forced to use seat-belts, prosecuted for taking recreational drugs etc.
  • The socialist-democratic political system which we are witnessing the demise of is a variant of slavery. This is because the citizens are not free to make their own choices but rather subservient to their master – in this case the state.
  • While JKM did not elaborate on it in the Krakow video, elsewhere he makes very clear why we are as-good-as slaves. One obvious reason is that the slaves do not own the fruits of their labour – they belong to the master – which is reminiscent of the income tax. Another poignant example is losing a child to an accident. In the old days the state would have offered sympathy. These days the parents will be investigated to find out if they had willfully damaged the master’s property – their child.
  • Slavery is an inefficient economic system since the slaves are not motivated to innovate. Most of the technology around today was invented in 19th century, when the Western world was still free. This covers car, railway, refrigeration, wired and wireless communications etc. Not much of note has been invented in the age of neo-slavery.
  • One reason citizens are reluctant to innovate these days is their aversion to risk. Progress requires that risk be taken to push the boundaries, probe the unknown. This is why, for example, Edison paid for a series of experiments with putting various filaments in evacuated glass bulbs. But these days the mantra is to play it safe and be insured against anything that may come up – fire, sickness, redundancy…
  • Wealth does not come from grants of subsidies – it is created through work. An entrepreneur who has even once relied on research grants already has his business backbone broken. If a problem arises in the future, instead of solving it, he will put his hand out again. No one subsidised the likes of Henry Ford or Bill Gates and yet they succeeded.
  • One other falsity which JKM points out in the context of the current Western civilization is that the value of human life is deemed to be above anything else in the World. This makes all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their country, religion, family or beliefs look like idiots.
  • This also leads  to moral dilemmas when, for example, a person is captured for a ransom. If life were of more value than anything else in the World then ANY ransom would need to be paid instantly. JKM notes that Muslims do not buy into the “life as highest value” nonsense and are happy to commit 9/11 type acts expecting their reward in the afterlife. This is why they will win and we will lose.
  • Even 100 years ago Europeans used to be respected as well educated, resourceful and smart. This is why they controlled both Americas, Africa, Oceania and half of Asia. These days the Europeans are viewed as soft, clueless and ripe for picking. This is a disgrace.
  • For most Western countries there are only two possible scenarios: either the Chinese will buy them out or the Arabs will slaughter them. Countries with no Muslim population and smaller sovereign debt can still be saved by restoring the values which once made the Western civilization great – sanctity of private property, “volenti non fit injuria” etc.

As I mentioned above, I value and respect JKM’s insights. With a mix of classical education and sharp intellect he is uniquely equipped to comment on the tribulations the Western world is going through. What he says may not be comforting but is well worth listening to.

Janusz Korwin Mikke (2)


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