Europe – update (4)

The disintegration of Europe is gathering pace so, to keep up with the events, the update posts on da-boss will need to be more frequent.  In December 2012:

I outlined the sharp turn to the left happening in France. The follow-up post published in February 2013:

dealt mainly with Germany and Spain. The current post will cover the astounding (not to mention scary) events unfolding in Cyprus.

The defining mark of a leftist ideology is its disregard for private property. Any self-respecting socialist autocrat will put their hands into the citizens pockets the moment he/she has the political power to do so. This is what happened during the October Revolution in Russia – all private property was “nationalised” (meaning stolen by the new socialist regime). Variations on the theme accompanied all leftist takeovers – Mao’s in China, Castro’s in Cuba, Pol Pot’s in Cambodia. You may have wondered why the wealthy flee countries which are about to turn socialist. It is not because they are uncomfortable with the “caring” aspect of socialism. It is not that they object to the aesthetics of red banners and flags. The reason is they know full well the moment socialists gain political power they will take what their citizens own.

A startling example of institutional theft is currently underway in Cyprus:

The European Bank and International Monetary Fund, as part of the bail-out package, have made Cyprus charge a one-off levy on all bank deposits held in the country. The levy is 6.75% up to a sum of 100 000 Euro and 9.9% above. Now, I am not saying that Cyprus has a viable economy – actually, along with the other Mediterranean countries, it is a basket case. My argument is not with the IMF, either – it is their money and they can offer it to Cyprus on whatever conditions they deem fit. I am simply stunned that in this era of United Nations and Human Rights a government, with a stroke of a pen, took a tenth of what individual Cypriots had saved. Legally, one can only take what one owns so the government of Cyprus must think they own the private property of its citizens!

But other European countries must be objecting to this act of economic Bolshevism on their doorstep, right?

In Berlin, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble called the levy part of the “fair” distribution of the bailout’s burden.

So, there you have it straight from the lips of the Finance Minister of the largest economy in Europe. This is both scary and a sign of things to come – it is “fair” for governments to take people’s money. As da-boss predicted in May of 2012:

Paraphrasing de Tocqueville’s quote there is no depravity a government will not commit when it runs out of money. (…) What my crystal ball shows are vindictive, envy-driven, Bolshevik-styled legislative attacks on “the rich”. Remember – as long as 51% of the electorate think it is a good idea to shaft the other 49%, democracy will facilitate it. This will lead to a mass exodus of the top social tier from Europe (much like from Russia in 1917). Then the governments will have “no choice” but to freeze the assets of those being targeted but trying to slip out. All social conventions of post WW2 Western World will be trampled in the process of de-possessing “the rich”.

An embryonic version of the asset freeze ploy is unfolding in Cyprus as we speak:

The levy itself will not take effect until Tuesday, following a public holiday, but action is being taken to control electronic money transfers over the weekend. Co-operative banks, the only ones which were open in Cyprus on Saturday, closed after people started queuing to withdraw their money.

This is the blueprint for the leftist takeover of Europe predicted by da-boss. I will conclude this post with a brief update on France. Things ain’t pretty in the land of soft cheese:

President Francois Hollande has admitted France will miss its target on lowering the budget deficit this year. (…) During the election last year, Mr Hollande vowed to bring the deficit to 3% from its current 4.5% and had insisted this was possible until now admitting defeat.

Nothing that a one-off levy, combined with control of electronic money transfers could not fix…

Europe – update (5)


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