There are some interesting angles in the linked opinion piece. Sweden is a country where men have become emasculated and are clearly not on equal footing with women when it comes to family court or criminal proceedings. For example, prostitution (including soliciting) is legal but using the services of prostitutes is a criminal offence in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. An equivalent drug-control policy would put drug users in prison while allowing dealers to operate openly. Nuts – is it not? From this standpoint I have some sympathy for the Ecuador’s stance. Wish they had spelled out clearly that, in their view, men are getting a rough deal when it comes to the investigation of sex crimes in Sweden, though.

But of course the real issue is different. If he is extradited to Sweden, Assange will sooner or later find himself in the US custody, which is likely to be detrimental to his well-being. In a political sense I do not view Assange as a freedom-of-speech martyr but rather as an anarchist. He published bundles of stolen classified memos not so much because they exposed human rights abuses etc but simply to create chaos. A targeted release of some memos to uncover, say, torture in Guantanamo, would still have been criminal but somewhat more defensible. A bulk release of thousands of memos was a coup against the World order. For example, publishing the memo claiming Saudis wanted US to militarily sort out Iran was a random dig to stir things up. It made three countries uncomfortable by stating what everyone knew but no one wanted to publicly admit. This is how diplomacy works – though backroom deals and implied understandings. How is releasing what Saudis really think going to make the World a fairer, better, safer place? It is not. Assange published this memo, along with thousands of others, just because he could. This is a classic anarchist MO – to stir things up and watch the ripples spread.

There are also some angles which the article did not cover. Yesterday’s reports that the British officials were contemplating a forced entry into the Ecuadorian Embassy were a political signal, not a threat per se. The Brits were warning Ecuador not to overplay the diplomatic immunity card – after all Assange is officially sought in connection with a sexual assault investigation, not his quasi-political activities. It is also interesting whether the UK would be equally firm if the asylum to Assange were granted by, say, China?

I am finding it amusing whenever leftists tie themselves in a knot because their values are inconsistent. In Assange we have a male who is trying to avoid being questioned on the sexual offences he is alleged to have committed against two women in Sweden. Normally this would send the leftist-feminist faction into a frenzied attack on the male-dominated power structure which enables men to hide when accused of sexual offences against women. But this case is different in that it is the US who are pursuing Assange. As a result, another stock PR response got activated – “we must not suck up to the US!”. A similar thing happened when a paedophile suspect and bail jumper (like Assange!), Roman Polanski, got apprehended in Switzerland a while ago. The first reaction of the leftists was “we must not give in to the US demands to get him extradited”. It is sad that the interests of both women and children get forgotten so easily when the Left see a chance to stick it to their arch-nemesis – the US.

So, where are things going to go from here? Assange will be stuck in the Ecuadorian Embassy for a few months, unable to leave the UK and unwilling to give himself in to the British authorities. Then, when the story has died down in the media, a deal will be struck, possibly mediated by the UN (similar to the Rainbow Warrior affair). Assange will then be transferred to a “neutral” country and some sort of commission will be set up to investigate his legal position. Countries which normally host inquiries like this – Norway, Canada, Switzerland – are all viewed as partial so I do not know where Assange will end up. Perhaps Singapore, Japan or New Zealand? His health will then deteriorate and no further action will be taken against him. He will then quietly transfer to Ecuador to live out his days, unless the CIA operatives manage to “service” the brakes in his car or fiddle with the gas stove in his apartment.


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