Electric cars


In 2009, they announced bold plans to cash in on demand for clean vehicles by making China a global power in electric car manufacturing.

Nothing wrong with bold plans, as long as they are rooted in reality!

Today, Beijing is scaling back its ambitions, chastened by technological hurdles and lack of buyer interest. Developers have yet to achieve breakthroughs and will be lucky to sell 2000 cars this year, mostly taxis.

That’s tough – the plan looked great on paper (and in the Powerpoint presentations) but there are no technical means to carry it through and no buyer interest. Bummer.

The Government has hedged its bets by broadening the industry’s official goals to include cleaner petrol engines.

This is fair enough – rather than pump money into pipe dreams with little chance of getting any returns let’s see how the legacy technology can be improved.

The Government has repeatedly changed targets because the “technology isn’t advancing quite as fast as people had hoped,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford Motor’s president for Asia, at this week’s Beijing car show.

Are their technical advisers from 2009 enjoying a well deserved holiday in the rare earth mines of Inner Mongolia?


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